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At Cartoon Express, our illustrations are 100% hand-drawn, expertly inked and then colored in. Every image you download includes vector & raster versions, so you can easily use them for your print & web needs! The vector files (eps) can be upsized with no image image quality loss. Best of all, each illustration runs only $5--a fraction of the cost of many other clip art sites. Collections run $15 and the ENTIRE library--over 1000 images--is just $50, an incredible value!

Email: andreadams1974@yahoo.com
Cell: 831-917-0971 (U.S.) or
Address: 230 Grove Acre #130, Pacific Grove, CA

Generally, the best time to contact The Cartoon Express is between 9-5pm GMT, Monday through Friday, and anytime on the weekends. For questions check out the FAQ section (frequently asked questions). Please feel free to provide valuable feedback you may have!