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My forté. I specialize in creating colorful, cartoony charcaters that have a neo-classical look, harking back to the Looney Tunes & Tex Avery era of the 40s & 50s, mixed in with some modern edginess. My cartoons & charcaters have appeared just about everywhere (newspapers, magazines, greeting cards, children's books, e-learning companies, social gaming sites, etc). I've also had a syndicated comic strip, The Adventures of Dr.Bob--a medical malpractice themed cartoon--that ran for 5 years, from 2002-2007, and most recently, Freedom Fries, a web comic satirizing French and American culture.

I have been illustrating & animating professionally for over 15 years. I am highly skilled in all realms of traditional media (color pencil, pastel, watercolor, oil, marker, airbrush, pen & ink, etc) and digital media, as I use the most current versions of Adobe's Creative Suite (CS6) for illustrating, and Poser & Flash for animating, modeling and rendering. My artistic range is broad-from whimsical to fantasy, humorous to political, and from technical to conceptual-I've covered a wide array of themes and styles.
I regularly attend animation festivals (Comicon, i.e.) to keep abreast with the ever evolving world of animation.

I create contemporary, cutting-edge designs for both print and web media. In addition to freelancing, I have worked as a Graphic Designer for a weekly newspaper, a children's educational company, a Silicon Valley entertainment magazine, and also as an Multimedia Specialist/Animator for the government. I have designed ads, logos, flyers, promotional material, catalogs, packaging, templates, websites, & e-learning modules, and have worked closely with marketing and product development departments.







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